bp3.jpgI am the young brother seated during my formative years in the Black Panther Party for Self Defense with a far off look of optimism, hope and determination. I was born and raised in Oakland. I finished my education in Oakland Unified Public School before graduating from Merritt Jr. College, San Francisco State University, and Loyola Law School in Los Angeles. I also completed the elementary school credentialing program at state when I first met Dr. Marcus Foster.  I knew Chauncey Bailey. We always called him Chauncey. We understood that Chauncey was just Chauncey. He wasn’t a Gary Webb type of investigative journalist by any means.  We knew that we could depend on Chauncey to do an occasional story of particular interest to the Oakland Black Community if it wasn’t too hot. He did a landmark story for me on the scandalous affairs of conservatorships and the abuse of Black elders in Oakland before he felt some heat from reactionary forces. Chauncey also did some milestone stories for us on public trust land issues developed by Dr. Henry Williams and its misuse and abuse in Oakland. Chauncey didn’t deserve to die like that. Chauncey assassination involved some heavy Family Jewels and hitters in Oakland. I also did some work with one of the late Yusef Bey’s former wives to expose his kid-rape molestation agenda before his 2003 indictment, but early on we discovered that he was protected from the top of Oakland and maybe California. Child Protective Services entered the scene and threatened to take her children if she continued to pursue the Bey Rape-Molestation Scandal. Neither Dr. Foster or Chauncey deserved to be blown apart in the public street with shotgun blasts. Someone or something far more powerful than a group of misguided young Black manchilds continues to send deadly messages to the Oakland Black Community.   


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4 07 2010

i would like to talk to you about some of the topics you mention here, I am writing my dissertation in a large part of it is about State suppression in Oakland.

12 07 2010


I will honored to talk to you. I will e-mail you my phone number.

Thanks, Prince Ray

31 03 2011

Please email me in reference to Sebron Flenaugh Jr. I have some questions.

22 04 2011

Dear Amani,

You can open up princeraybullock@hotmail.com or princebullock@gmail.com. Things are moving fast!

Thanks, Princeray

22 04 2011

Dear Lovenlight,

Email me at princeraybullock@hotmail.com or princebullock@gmail.com

Thanks, Princeray

12 09 2011


I’ve been reading about the Bay Area revolutionary scene (BPP; Berkeley Anti-War movement of the 1960’s) and it’s untimely demise (COINTELPRO, CIA, SLA, etc.) for some years now; you seem to have knowledge that might help me fill in some blanks…can I contact you also?

16 03 2012

Dear Dave,

Sorry for the late response. This site is more specialized and limited in events around Oakland-SF Bay Area. Search for Black Assassins covers more current widespread topics and keep me busy. You have to remember I was born and raised in Oakland. I was there at the height of COINTELPRO with the Panthers and Black Student Unions. The FBI came by my home and told my mother that it was best for me if I left town. It was a veiled threat. Bodies were turning up all over town. Assassins and informers had fixed eye stares and foaming at the mouth. It was like something out of a horror movie. It was real and open season on Black Nationalist and White Radicals. If you still have questions, email me at princeraybullock@hotmail.com

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